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Page One helped us raise our Revenue Targets and helped us achieve them. Their slick marketing strategies are fantastic and are not regular ones – one usually sees in the Market. We are glad we partnered with them.

Arvind Raman
Owner, Aurangabad.Website

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages for your business are essential to creating a well-rounded online presence. Our Social Media Marketing Service complements your optimized website and extends your reach through the social networks. Along with integration of your website, the Social Media Marketing Service provides regular weekly postings to your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter business pages to engage with your clients between visits to your office. Additionally, you can stay in touch with your clients using built-in email communications and our blogging tools.

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we provide the following services

  • Dedicated Social Media Marketing Manager with unlimited online support
  • Posting to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter (you can pick 3 of the 4) 6 days a week OR Instagram 5 posts a week
  • We will curate and post an array of content uniquely created for your social presence, all of which will help keep your name in front of potential customers and referral sources
  • Regular promotional posts to highlight your services and products
  • Includes daily social media content curation for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+Add on Instagram with 5 posts a week
  • Ability to request weekly content calendar of posts for review and edit before they go live
  • Instagram add-on with 5 posts a week. Includes account setup if necessary
  • Instagram growth engine for targeted follower building
  • Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Advertising Management
  • You can cancel at anytime up until next billing date
  • Growth engine for Twitter and Instagram follower building
  • Regular strategy calls with your social media manager
  • Instagram Engagement Engine in lieu of social advertising management