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Page One helped us raise our Revenue Targets and helped us achieve them. Their slick marketing strategies are fantastic and are not regular ones – one usually sees in the Market. We are glad we partnered with them.

Arvind Raman
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Accelerate your online presence with Velocity. Maximize the benefits of social media and video advertising by fuel injecting your marketing plan with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Paid advertising quickly increases your visibility on Google’s SERPs and drives relevant traffic to your website. Drive more potential clients to your practice’s website using geo-targeted PPC ads. PPC ads target potential clients in your local market that are searching for your business and services online. Velocity shifts your marketing efforts into overdrive.

geo-targeted ads allow you to reach your community

Get results quickly with fast acting PPC ads. As part of Velocity, we will create enticing ads that represent your business practice and encourage potential clients to click through to your website. Before the ads are created, your Google Adwords Certified Account Manager will perform keyword research to determine what keywords your potential clients are using to search for your business. Using targeted keywords increases relevant local traffic to your website from your potential clients that live in your community. Your Account Manager optimizes your PPC ads and manages ad spend to get you the best results.

retargeting technology increases conversions

Many companies using PPC ads see a rapid increase in website traffic, but don’t see an increase in visitors converting into clients. Retargeting ads are a high-tech tool that enables you to continue advertising to website visitors after they leave your site as they continue browsing on the internet. Research continues to show that by retargeting ads to website visitors who do not initially convert, 70% of those retargeted visitors become more likely to make a purchase. With continuous online paid advertising, we quickly build brand recognition and trust in potential clients.

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control your spend

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  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising : Fast acting and clear ROI with flexible budget plans
  • Expand Your Real Estate on SERPS : Ad placement improves visibility on search engines
  • Keyword Research : Target keywords that potential patients are using to search for your business
  • Dynamic Ads Showcasing Your Practice : Entice users to click through to your website
  • Specialized Landing Pages : Improve conversion of visitors to clients
  • Retargeting Technology : Increase visibility and build brand recognition
  • Continuous Internet Advertising : Optimized for conversions
  • Team of Google AdWords Certified Account Managers : Maximize results with experienced monitoring
  • Managed Ad Spend : Take the guesswork out of managing a PPC budget
  • Lead Generation Reports : Easily track the progress of ads