Bali Taekwondo

bali taekwondo
June, 2017
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In 2003 Master Santos Rivas opened his first JH Kim Taekwondo school in Singapore, having been groomed as Grandmaster Jae Hun Kim’s protégé from his childhood. Grandmaster Kim opened his Boston school in 1974 and was also mentored at a young age, in fact – by the founder of modern day taekwondo himself, General Choi Hong Hi.

It’s rich heritage of technique, personally handed down from General Choi to Grandmaster Kim then to Master Rivas, has been developed over decades by the most important, influential and celebrated masters of our art. Joining JH Kim Taekwondo Bali ensures you receive the absolute best Taekwondo instruction available anywhere in the world, but you also become part of a tradition and family only 3 generations from the founding fathers of Taekwondo.

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